Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Well, Kitchen hunting was amazing.....we really did set out with the hope of simply adding to what we already have....but sadly (yeah I am really trying to look sad here) the colour we have now (you remember, the one I really didn't like- turns out it's called Irish Linen) has been (drum roll please...) DISCONTINUED. Obviously that means as much as I would like to, I simply can't keep it!!! (he he he) plan b. is to give our current kitchen a facelift and add onto it. PERFECT. I get what will essentially look like a new kitchen, (YES, WITH A DISHWASHER) for a cheaper price than a new kitchen. We are going out today to select colours, benchtops etc so that one company can give us a quote...they came and measured the other day. We are still waiting on another company to contact us with a figure....the first place we got a quote from didn't want to use what was here and said it would be cheaper to pull it out and start again...their quote came in at just over $6k (we are not replacing any of our appliances) I am interested to see what this mob today say. Wish me luck!
Keep smiling,

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Jen H said...

Oh soooooooooooooooooo sad about your Kitchen colour being discontinued!! lol YEYYYYYYYYYY
Its fun and scary at the same time trying to make all the decisions isnt it! So how did the 2nd quote go?
I'm gonna try to do one of these survey posts tonight if I get time... they're great tho - u learn a bit about people. I MUST find out a photo of Sarah for you to look out for.... she apparently has become interested in SCRAPPING!!!!! lol
Jen H