Friday, January 05, 2007

Bowling 'em over

For those of you who haven't heard...I am officially a ten-pin bowler. I have always been the black sheep of the family (ie the only one in my family who doesn't own a pair of bowling shoes and my own bowling ball!!), but have been convinced by my Mum to join her team (yes, they were quite obviously DESPERATE for another player. Fortunately for the team (The Bards), league bowling runs on a handicap system, so my terrible bowling hasn't been too much of an issue. It's actually a lot of fun! The music is very 80s (very me) and it's nice to spend the night with my Mum and Dad (Dad plays on another team, so I don't really see THAT much of him!). Anyway, last night I bowled my highest score ever - 134 - so in my excitement I thought I would share that fact here. You get a badge when you join the league and every now and then you get a dangly bit to add to it. I got my 100 dangly bit quite early in the piece, but now I will get my 125 dangly bit! (trust me, it is really exciting!!!) the next one is 150, so stay tuned and I will let you know when I get that one! I still don't have my own ball or shoes, but I am a league bowler (and actually the hire shoes here are lime green, orange and fluro yellow - WHY would I want to get my own shoes?????).

Took the kids bowling this morning for a fun holiday thing....that was good fun, I borrowed Mum's bowling balls, so I felt very much like a pro bowler rolling in with the balls in their case....if only I had bowled like one!! LOL Anyway, after bowling had finished we went for a wander through this really ace shop that they have here (couldn't tell you what it's called - must pay more attention), it has all sorts of mostly second hand toys - I mean all the really old stuff from your childhood...some of it overpriced, some of it not too's always great fun to have a look in there and a walk down memory lane. Today we found a bargain!!! We bought an air hockey's only a little one, but it's so much fun! It is second hand, but had been tested (and we have since tested it quite thoroughly), and it works a treat! We LOVE air hockey in our family, and I will almost be sorry when the shed gets power and the table has to move out there!!!

Got my first parcel from Remember When yesterday - I was going to take a pic, but I got too excited and just opened it!!! Thank GOODNESS for RW - after paying $1.10 for a few sheets of bazzill the other day I nearly died! I have to say, after 6.5 years at Caldermeade "I LOVE PARCEL POST!!!!!!" It's such a buzz to have stuff home delivered....think we might have pizza tonight!!!

Keep smiling,

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Wendy said...

Do they have orange balls. This would go well with your dangly things....LOL
You go girl. Glad to hear that you are having fun.