Tuesday, January 23, 2007


"BACK TO SCHOOL" - you see it on every brochure and in every shop (by the way, did I mention that I get junk mail here???? Lovin' that!!!!), and I tell you it's like waiting for Christmas!!!! We haven't had to do much shopping here, as most of the stuff the kids need is purchased through the school. The pencils and textas from last year seem to have survived and school uniform footwear is the sensible sneaker. So...all I have to do it wait til next Monday, when I can wave them off and hopefully commence my "normal" Adelaide life.

We have visitors here again at the moment...they are going to visit the city today (with most of my kids) and I am going to stay home. Am hanging for a quiet day at home and even looking forward to doing some housework. (Clearly I have caught some terrible tropical disease - hopefully you can't catch it by reading my blog).

Anyway, I had best be sociable......

keep smiling,


Jen H said...

I cant BELIEVE how quickly the holidays have gone!! Mitchell goes back next Tuesday (I think - I better check eh! - lol)
Hope you had a great day today Soovee!
Jen H

JB said...

I hope I can't catch that bloody cleaning disease, I could think of nothing worse at the moment...our house looks like the back of a shop...boxes EVERYWHERE! Move out on Monday.....too excited but so over packing and dealing with real estate agents(sharks), convayances, vendors...who cares just over it! Enjoy the kids back at school...I'm sure I will!
love ya

Anonymous said...

So how did the first day back go?????

I discovered M goes back Wednesday - lucky I found out - eh! lol

Jen H