Saturday, January 13, 2007

Antique White and Bronzed Fusion

After much agonising, finally we have decided on colours for our new kitchen. Antique White (read creamy off white) cupboards and Bronzed Fusion benchtops. We paid our deposit today and now we have to wait for a date...Yogi will make our door/drawer handles, and when we get closer to having a date, he will start taking out what we have here already....then all we really need to do is go dishwasher shopping!

The burgers are bonza, the fantastically yummy looking kebabs are in the fridge, the potato salad is stunning and the pavlova is to die for - we are having a bbq!!!!! In just under an hour our guests will start arriving, so I had better sign off and go get a bit more organised.....

Keep smiling,


PS here is a LO I did last night while I was scrapping with my friends....the scan doesn't show it up really well, so I am going to attempt to photograph it tomorrow, but here it is anyway - used some of the new RW laser cuts - see them at lovin' 'em sick!!!!


cdaly said...

Hey Soovee, GREAT to see you blogging! Ooohhhh a new kitchen (sooooo jealous)

Petunia said...

Good for people to know.