Friday, December 29, 2006

Holidays and a Taste of Freedom

MMMMM I am enjoying the holidays at the moment. Yogi is on holidays we sit up watching a dvd or something at night, go to bed late, then revel in the luxury of a sleep in in the morning! Nice. Of course, it sort of helps that we don't really know anyone here - less chance of a phone call or a visitor to disturb us from our slumber! LOL. Hopefully that will change when life gets back to normal (read - kids go back to school! ).
So nothing much has been happening.

Oh yeah - except I got a new niece - Sarah Danielle van der Veer born on Christmas night at 7.45pm weighing 4.75kg (that's 10lb 8oz)...yup you read it right!!!! Not a littley!!! I haven't met her yet, as she lives in Melbourne, but we have seen photos and she is CUTE...would share them with you but I am not that organised yet....gotta remember how all this blog stuff works!!! I am madly working on finishing her baby album, which I started before she was born, but then didn't get finished in time (not like I was busy or anything!!!). I was hoping to post it today, but oh well, Tues will do.

Have been really enjoying the freedom that we are starting to get now that our kids are starting to grow up! Just appreciating little things like sleeping in, no toilet training, and being able to leave them to their own devices a bit...not having to pack up my scrapping stuff, and sometimes having some help with dishes and washing and stuff...and their developing sense of humour is fun too. Nic has been asking us to trust him to be the responsible person at home one day when we go out - and we are probably going to give it a go. Of course, we won't go too far, or for too long, but wow! Imagine if it all goes OK - we would be able to go out for dinner or a movie or something, without the organisation that a baby sitter requires. It really is a wonderful gift, this regaining of independence. Not that we are planning to turn into party animals and go out all the time, but it's just nice to have that possibility there.
Keep smiling,
and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all,

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Anonymous said...

Sue, I didn't realise you were blogging again. Found out from Rach's blog. Fantastic to see and will be able to stay up to date. We missed you at the Tower Xmas party :( I'm pleased things are going well over there. Don't know how you stand the heat though. Hope you got some relief. Merry Xmas and hope you have a wonderful new year and you are able to realise all the promise that awaits you.