Tuesday, November 21, 2006

saying goodbye isn't easy

It's been a busy week so far. A week of goodbyes. All the planning and plotting we have done over the months is suddenly a reality and we are almost ready to go. We still have some things to pack up, and if the temperature manages to get back under 35 I am sure I will get that done (did I mention yet that I HATE summer?).
We had a BBQ on Sat night to farewell our friends, and it was a great night. Didn't realise that our friends were such fertile people - I was surprised at the number of kids at the party. I guess as a mother of 4, I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. We had glow sticks and someone brought sparklers, and a good time was had by all (with the possible exception of the sausages).
On Sunday we had two lots of visitors who weren't able to make it to the BBQ and by Sun night we were just too tired to go out for dinner as we were supposed to...who knew that saying goodbye could be so tiring.
See, the thing is, even though we made the decision to move on our own, and even though we are happy with our decision and looking forward to our move, it's still really HARD to say goodbye to the people we have been friends with over the last six and a half years. The people who have laughed with us and listened to us, nursed our baby, baby sat, shared meals with and supported us when everything when wrong. We will miss you all so very much....you have made our lives a bit better in oh so many ways. So now, at the last minute, even though we will still go, we feel a bit...well....sad. Oh there's internet and there's phones (thank God!), but until they master the method of sending a hug down the phone lines, I will desperately miss the physical contact that I have had with my friends.....I will miss your smiles, and I will miss your faces. And I will look forward to holidays.
OK friends, aside, there is so much involved in organising a move like this....all the phone calls and paperwork and ORGANISATION. Anyone who knows me at all, will know that organisation is not my forte! I keep forgetting the things I have to do during the day, and then lying awake at night remembering them. I must have written them down a thousand times.....but slowly, oh so slowly I am getting there. Friends keep asking me if I am stressed....you know what? I'm really not - not at all. Remarkably calm. Even the fact that Yogi doesn't yet have a job isn't worrying us. Yep, I said US - I can't believe how relaxed he is about this process too. There just seems to be so much opportunity out there. People keep giving us tips -try this place, I know this place need someone...have you thought about this. You know what? I'd really love for him to have a week or so off before he has to start a new job - even two weeks. although it would be nice to go into the Christmas period knowing that he had a job ready for the new year. What will be, will be. Hopefully it will rain tonight, so that tomorrow is cooler...then I can get the rest of this stuff packed up! Wish me luck!
Keep smiling,

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